D. Warren, Mt. Albert

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“I already was seeing Dr. Chad and had spoken to Valerie a few times. I wanted to promote a healthier lifestyle for myself and felt that Valerie could do this with me. After only one month, I feel great: Clear skin, no nose bleeds, lots of energy and, better yet, weight loss! Being new to holistic nutrition, I am taking it slowly and introducing new foods to my life every week and feeling better all the time. Thank you Valerie for starting me off on a new direction.”

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Tamara Stimpson, Mt. Albert

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“I had a repetitive strain injury in my left wrist, thumb, and forearm. My wrist is now free from pain and much less swollen than when I first went to see Dr. Chad. The additional work he has done on my neck and back has made me realize how much pain I was actually in! I have greater mobility in both my neck, back, and am more conscious of my posture. I have always been skeptical of chiropractic care, but after seeing how much of a difference it has made in my husband’s life, I was willing to try it. I am so glad that I did!”

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Rita Zauner, Stouffville

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“I have fibromyalgia and had horrible muscle pain.  Every movement hurt me like crazy.  Pills didn’t work anymore.  I was just in very bad shape.  I went to Dr. Chad Morton and what an improvement after only one treatment!  I felt 80% better.  I could suddenly move again.  What a relief!! I will recommend Dr. Chad to anybody!”

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Gail McGillivray, Mt. Albert

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“After an assessment of my neck, lower back pain and carpal Tunnel, my treatment began.  The treatment was explained fully in a way one would understand.  After my first visit I could move my neck from side to side; Impressed right away.  I am feeling much better than I did two months ago.  My treatments have helped me and I am not taking pain pills like I was 2 – 3 times a day.  It is a caring and compassionate atmosphere; Great to have this highly recommended wellness centre so close to home.”

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Rachel Kubryn, Toronto

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Rachel Kubryn, Toronto

“Being pregnant is hard on the female body and being pregnant with scoliosis is even more challenging. However Dr. Chad relieved my pain during my pregnancy and now I visit him monthly as part of my overall health regime.”

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Ken Feinstein, Toronto

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“I’ve had reoccurring issues with my lower back and sacroiliac joint which affects my ability to sit comfortably as well as play squash. Dr. Chad quickly assessed my injury advising that he could help. His approach of treatments, as well self-stretching and core strengthening repaired my discomfort and I was able to get back onto the squash court in less than 2 months.”

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William Ronson, Newmarket

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“I am a retired cop and for as long as I remember I suffered from migraine headaches. My headaches were so severe that it was interfering with my life and ability to play with my grandkids. I started seeing Dr. Chad in 2009. Almost overnight my migraines vanished and became rare over time.”

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Tanya Wittmore, Toronto

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“I have a desk job that leaves me with nagging neck pain every two weeks or so. Dr Chad has been treating my neck and shoulders for the past six months and I find great relief from his adjustments!”

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Shannon Harlow, Mt. Albert

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“My family and I have been receiving Chiropractic care for many years now. We had been to a few Chiropractors before we heard about Chad and he is by far the best Chiropractor we have ever seen. Not only is he a gifted doctor but he is also very personable, caring, and very accommodating. We are always greeted by Chad’s positive energy and inspiring attitude toward life. My children also love him and ask for me to book appointments for them!”

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