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Grace, fluidity and mobility are all hallmarks of a good dancer’s performance.

The Problem: Practicing movements and patterns time after time can lead to repetitive strains, which can affect your ability to execute and focus on your technique. Ballistic movements and tumbles come with the territory and can take a toll on the body over time. It all comes down to mechanics: the body is a machine made of moveable parts and subject to the stresses placed upon it.

Over time, these stresses can present itself as stiffness, snapping, aching or restrictions to movement leading to poor form and inefficient mechanics. Many times dancers will push through the pain in the hopes that it will just resolve itself, but this can make it worse. When pain or restricted mobility impairs the movement of the body the dance and the expression suffers.

The Solution: To perform optimally all parts must be functioning and moving at their best. Regular adjustments, scheduled in tandem with your practice schedule (preferably prior to a practice session), will improve your performance significantly.